I’ve run a few times with Airia 1.5. For the moment only short distances, 5 to 8 kilometers due to a right knee sorrow, and only on asphalt.

6mm drop from outside to in, which appears on the metatarsals area, is one of the outstanding features of Airia 1.5 shoe. Moreover, the toe spring, the upward arcing design aimed to increase forward momentum, is tilted up to 35 degrees and the heel crash pad, that aids in absorbing footstrike impact, is rounded and has the highest point exactly below the gravity center (at the point where is touch the ground). The preview, in Romanian, here!

Igor și Airia


At my very first run with Airia 1.5 I felt exactly as I thought I am going to be. When I put them on it felt like I had ”spikes” on my feet, the foot was a little surprised because of that 6mm drop from outside to in, and it seems, when the shoe hit the ground, because of a not very loud noise, like I had wear heels. When I finished the run the little toe and the one next to it, the ring toe, since both slides towards the big toe (hallux), because of the lateral drop, looks like as if they were stuck togheter. 🙂

Everything has gone after 4 runs. What was ”weird” at the start is not a problem anymore, neither the fact that the toe spring is tilted up to 35 degrees, nor the heels making noises. At the end of the training sesions, the little and ring toes do not seems to stick togheter anymore. Even when I put them on my feet they do not seem like ”spikes” anymore, even if the shoes are very well tight on the foot. What’s different and I think it’s better than the other types of shoes is that it feels, at least at higher speed, for me below 4 minutes per kilometer, like it lands exactly on the front side, on the toe spring. It seems, I do not have data or tests except what I feel, like I am push forward more powerfully then with other shoes. I’m beginning to enjoy Airia 1.5!

At the opening photo, above, I added on my face, using Photoshop, a Slipknot mask. A rock band to listen, even when you run.


This text is not a review, the review will be made after I will gather more data, after I will run more long runs, runs on trail, track and treadmill, and after I will use Airia 1.5 in races. The review, in February!